Zillow All Star Badge Awarded

Zillow All Star Badge Awarded

Thanks to your valuable contributions on Zillow, you have been granted a Zillow All Star badge. The All Star designation will appear next to your name throughout Zillow, as well as on your profile.

What is a Zillow All-Star?

The Zillow All-Star badge was created to recognize the top contributors of the Zillow community. All-Stars are active Zillow users who share their real estate knowledge and help others by contributing high-quality content. The more and better the contributions a user makes, the more likely an award will be granted. Users’ contributions can be seen in their profiles.

How do I get a badge?

For every contribution you make on Zillow — such as rating a lender, posting a home for sale, or starting a discussion — you are awarded a certain number of points. More points will be given if contributions are rated “helpful” by other Zillow users. Negative points will also be given if contributions are rated “not helpful.” Once you reach the magic point threshold, you will be rewarded with a Zillow All-Star badge.