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Very Pleased with the Attention to Detail

In addition to Jerry Baker, Mary & I were very impressed with the attention to detail and communication by Jerry’s partner Connie Snider. She and Jerry were the perfect team and a pleasure to work with.

Mr. & Mrs. Koch – Regarding Recent Residential Home Sale in Monrovia

It’s Always Nice When Someone Recommends You

Imagine my delight when I opened my email and found this wonderful recommendation for one of my clients.  Thank you David and Krys!

Date: July 26, 2008 10:38 p.m.

Subject: The “REAL” Monrovia REALTOR


It was wonderful seeing you and Elliot last night at the gallery. His work is nothing short of phenomenal!

As promised, our REALTOR’s name is Jerry Baker. He grew up here in Monrovia and has been inside of almost every house.

He is what we consider “The Monrovia REALTOR.”

He works out of CENTURY 21 Adams & Barnes right there on Foothill in Monrovia.

Please give him a call. He will help you. I know he worked a miracle for Dave and I.

I have also carbon copied him this e.mail.

So you calling him will not be a surprise. I want you guys closer.

Best wishes for Home Hunting in Monrovia.

E-Mail received from Jerry Baker’s past client to a Monrovia house seeker.

Thank you to our wonderful clients…

Thank you to our wonderful clients, it was a pleasure to work with both of you!  You made our work much easier with all of your cooperation…

(letter form our clients below)

Dear Mr. Adams,

Seldom in today’s busy society do people take the time to pass on comments and give praise to people that well deserve it. My husband and I would like to do just that regarding two or your agents…Mr. Jerry Baker and Ms. Connie Snider.

We put our house on the market the week of July 4th, 2007 with another REALTOR. Of course it was just at the time when all the mortgage problems started to emerge. Finally, at the end of October we received an offer…not a very good one with a contingency on it that never should have been accepted by our REALTOR or us…we were tied up until February 1st with an offer that was going nowhere!!!

Mrs. Baker and Ms. Snider came thru on an open house with a client; we knew the minute we met them they were the agents for us and it turned out we were right.

Jerry and Connie took right over, showing us how we could improve the appearance of our home. They advertised it to the max to every market within miles of Pasadena. Physically planted new flowers around, took pictures that were outstanding with just the right lighting and views, and the description and brochure they made up was perfect. My husband and I moved on and everything was turned over to Jerry and Connie.

On March 17th we had an offer that was acceptable to all involved and we closed escrow on April 15th!!!

Jerry and Connie are absolute gems and an addition to your real estate office that can not be surpassed. They are people of high integrity, go-getters and are more than willing to spend the necessary time to explain things to clients like us. They definitely cover all bases and always put their client’s best interest first.

I would highly recommends (CENTURY 21) Adams & Barnes to anyone and would hope that sellers would specifically be able to deal with Jerry and Connie…they are just the best..true professionals.

Compliments to your escrow departments and in particular Sharon, another true professional.


Marie and Don W. – April 23, 2008